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Upcoming Auction Schedule

January 9-11, 2015

Marquis Catalog Auction - Newport Beach, CA at the Fairmont

May 28-29, 2015

A Two-Day Marquis Auction Weekend - Las Vegas, NV at the Bellagio

*** Auctions are added on a regular basis and the schedule can be updated, check back often for the latest entries and events.

Marquis Catalog Auction.The pinnacle of collecting in offering only the finest and most unusual examples of dolls and specialty related objects for those collectors seeking the “best.” Full-color catalogs are presented for each of these auctions, many of them hard-bound, and can be ordered by clicking here. Dolls will be in every price-range, however, as there are typically many unusual examples that have yet to gain widespread appeal and are still thought of as “sleepers.” These auctions are live events but also feature absentee, phone, and live Internet bidding.

Elan Auctions. Wonderful antique and collectible dolls that appeal to a broad range of collectors and are ready for your cabinet or display. These auctions can even highlight special items that are worthy of, but were not able to be included, in a Marquis Event. Every price range is featured. Every collector’s needs are met. The dolls in these events are well photographed, as well as being personally vetted and described by Florence Theriault, assuring you the same standards you will find in our Marquis Auctions. These auctions are live events but also feature absentee and live Internet bidding.

Monday Night at the Auction. Something new for the doll collector who just wants an evening away from those other famous Monday night events such as football. Our auction is petite, just 50-75 dolls, like a little dessert after a busy day, an hour’s perfect treat and retreat. We conduct the auction right in our headquarters in Annapolis, MD, and it is live online in a casual quasi-talk show style. We aim it to be entertainment as well as opportunity for you to bid and win the best of dolls. You can pre-bid, you can bid live online, and you can even leave absentee bids. And for a lucky few, you can attend. Because of space limits we can only accommodate 12 people at this auction, so please call today if you’d like to attend and we’ll reserve your seat.

Discovery Day. Good old-fashioned auction fun. Anything goes, and just about anything can be offered in the world of dolls. There is no absentee or Internet bidding offered meaning you must be in attendance to bid, making this indeed a “buyers delight!” Listings of the items to be offered can be faxed or e-mailed 48 hours prior to the auction by emailing info@theriaults.com.

Ten2Go. A bargain hunter, fixer-upper, and pack-rats dream come true! Usually over 400 lots are presented in a fast-paced old-style auction where everything starts at $10.00. There is no absentee or Internet bidding. And, these auctions are always held close-by to our headquarters in Annapolis, MD. Ten2Go’s can be added quite frequently throughout the schedule so if you would like to receive priority notice of these “warehouse” style auctions please e-mail info@theriaults.com.

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