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Lot: 78. French Doll's Chair by Maison Huret with Signature

12" (30 cm.) The gilded metal chair with spiral-twisted legs and back frame has elegantly-shaped arms and curved front seat. The chair is fitted with original needlework seat and back. Condition: generally excellent,with appealing patina. Marks: "Maison Huret,Boulevard Montmartre Paris" (on the underside of the seat). Comments: Maison Huret,circa 1860,the original family business of the illustrious doll-maker,Adelaide Huret,was a distinctive line of cast metal furniture; a miniature doll-sized series of that furniture was designed for the Huret doll. Value Points: rare to find doll furniture with original needlework,maker's signature.

Realized Price: 6750

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  • Keeper of the Dolls - $75
    January 10, 2009 in Newport Beach, CA

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