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Lot: 111. Porcelain Shoulderhead Attributed to Dressel and Kister

4" (10 cm). Glazed porcelain shoulderhead of lady with solemn expression,oval face,elongated throat,light brown sculpted hair loosely waved from face,captured at crown into chignon with cascading curls and encircled by gilt-edged aqua ribbon,painted facial features,pale blue upper- glancing eyes,red and black upper eyeliner,feathered brows,closed mouth with center accent line,modeled bosom. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 22 (green script inside shoulderplate). Comments: attributed to Dressel and Kister,circa 1910. Value Points: rare model with exquisite detail of sculpting and painting.

Realized Price: 550

Gold Horse Theriault's will guarantee to the original purchaser of any GOLD HORSE designated lot a credit for the full hammer price paid (excluding buyers premium, taxes and shipping) effective twelve (12) months following receipt of full payment of the purchase price. The buyer shall receive a written guarantee in the form of a certificate tag at the time of purchase and the GOLD HORSE lot shall be permanently registered at our gallery. This guarantee will be fulfilled by full credit toward future purchases. The GOLD HORSE guarantee is intended to promote investor interest and buyer confidence in specialized and rare antiques and should not be construed as a means of buying on approval. A twelve (12) month period from the date of payment of purchase is required before such a guarantee becomes effective. Advance notice must be made by purchaser with the gallery before implementation of said guarantee. The condition of the item must be the same as its condition at time of purchase. Theriault's will have the sole discretion in making such a judgement. The certificate tag is considered an integral part of the lot and must be returned with the lot for the guarantee to be executed. It is further specifically understood that neither the GOLD HORSE guarantee nor the catalogue description is assignable. These guarantees shall be applicable only to the original purchaser of the lot from Theriault's and not to a subsequent owner who may have acquired interest to a GOLD HORSE lot. In addition, dolls that have been publicly offered for resale forfeit this guarantee. : No

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