Upcoming Events

Marquis: Neapolitan Figures from the Büktas Collection: Part One, December 5, 2020 - at Theriault's
50 Forward: New-Style Auction, December 11, 2020 - Everything Starts at "50" at Theriault's
Rendezvous: Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Antique Dolls and Playthings at Theriault's in Annapolis, Maryland
50 Forward: New-Style Auction, January 8, 2021 - Everything Starts at "50" at Theriault's

The Doll as Theatre: Neapolitan and Continental Dolls of the 17th and 18th Century from the Hanne Büktas Collection: Vol 1-2 - Softbound


View "The Doll as Theatre" Volume One Catalog for the December 5 Auction on ISSUU