ÒSchool for Scandal

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17" (44 cm.) All wooden doll with rounded head,sculpted wooden nose,black painted pate under human hair wig,painted complexion with blush cheeks,inset round blue glass eyes,black painted brows and thin line lips,wooden block torso,jointing at shoulders,elbows,hips and knees. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: studio dolls in the manner of 18th century English wooden dolls were created in French theatrical art circles such as that of Georges Lepape and Hugh Hugo during the years of the Renaissance of the French Doll,circa 1918-1920Õs; the dolls were costumed in superb antique fabrics to represent figures from the earlier scandalous royal courts,such as were satirized in the 1777 play. Value Points: wonderful doll with rare historical significance is perfectly preserved,the costume imaginative and fanciful including elaborate headdress.
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