1790 German Profile Paper Dolls

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A marbled paper folio with hand-lettered title "Englische Puppe" contains two 5" x 8" rose paper folios with labeled interior sleeves,containing hand-drawn and colored paper dolls depicting a lady and gentleman in profile poses,facing each other. The lady owns four costumes along with five additional skirts allowing a wide variety of costume variations,and 8 different very elaborate hats. The gentleman owns seven jackets or greatcoats,one vest,one suit,four pairs of pants,boots,sword,one hat,and three jabots,designed to be mixed in various ways. The rose envelopes are labeled "La Pouppee anglaise a diversified modes,Habillement,Coifures et port dåhabits" by "J.L.Stahl,Nurnb" and the exterior envelope contains instructions (German). Excellent condition,beautiful art work and coloring of costumes. Germany,Stahl,circa 1790.
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