1820's English Paper Dolls in Boxed Set

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A fine wooden box,7.5" x 4.5",with printed paper label on its lid depicting a monarch in coronation robes contains within its paper-lined interior a book detailing 16 English monarchs with a description of the physical appearance and reign of each,along with a numbered costume on heavy pasteboard and having self base with vignette elements for each monarch (the numbers corresponding to the booklet chapters). Included are two hand-drawn (not original) faces,6 hats and 2 crowns. The costumes are each initialed W.H.B. and the booklet bears the mark of James Izzard,London. Very fine condition of costumes,one end of box lid missing. James Izzard,London,early 1820's. Historical Note: the set was presented shortly after the 1821 coronation of George IV and provides an entertaining perspective on the propaganda power of a (presumably) child's plaything. Whereas the writer described earlier monarchs in such terms as "his character was an odd mixture of sense and folly" (James I) and "the length and narrowness of her face prevented her from having any just pretensions to beauty" (Elizabeth),George IV was described as "tall and extremely well proportioned and is esteemed handsomehis kindness,affability and condescension endear him to all".
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