19th Century Paper Mache Dolls in Wedding Garb

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22" (56 cm.) The brid has solid domed paper mache shoulder-head with slender facial shape,elongated throat,small black glass enamel inset eyes,painted lashes and brows,accented eye corners and nostrils,aquiline nose,closed mouth with accent line between the lips,black painted pate beneath original brunette human hair wig,kid fashion body with shapely waist and derriere,gusset-jointed hips,shapely elongated arms and legs. The groom has black sculpted hair and enamel eyes. Condition: generally excellent,skirt frail. Comments: for the French market,circa 1830. An early ink script note attached to the doll reads "Doll dressed as a bride for the Duc de Bearn in 1827". Value Points: very fine early doll with provenance,wears her original,never-removed,wedding gown with wax orange blossom corsage and coronet on tulle coiffe,undergarments,silk slippers with ankle straps. From the Seeley Family Doll Collection.
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