20" Mechanical Elephant by Roullet & Decamps

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Roullet & Decamps, Paris. Circa 1890. 20”l. x 14”h. (51 x 36 cm). Two movements. One tune. Arranged upon a paper covered wooden platform is a seated elephant in front of a tub of water. The elephant has hide-covered paper mache body, glass eyes, faux-ivory tusks, and ears and trunk with hidden hinge movement. The tin tub fits into a wooden platform. There is a Roullet et Decamps key and lever. Movements: The elephant’s ears flap back and forth, his trunk descends into the water tank and he drinks water, then releases the water from his trunk. Music plays. Historical References: Playful animals were a major profit center for the Roullet et Decamps firm for many years, their production ranging from paper mache pigs to an entire series of white fur cats, to lumbering elephants. This is a very rare model from that series.
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