21" Seated Clown with Mandolin" by Leopold Lambert

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Leopold Lambert, Paris. Circa 1890. 21” (54 cm). Four movements. One tune. Arranged upon a tapestry covered base is a paper mache clown seated on a narrow wooden chair, a small mandolin in his arms. The clown has a painted white face with painted clown decorations representing card suits, and a red-tipped nose, brown glass eyes, open mouth, frizzy clown wig, carton torso and hinged carton shapely legs, bisque forearms. He wears fanciful silk clown costume and cap and holds a decorated mandolin (tip of handle broken off). There is a colorful program label on the base side. The key is marked LB. Movements: The clown moves his head in a series of circular nods and side to side, strums the mandolin, and taps his foot in time to the music. Music plays.
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