Adorable Retro Ichitmatsu-ningyo Boy with Red Tabi Socks, Taisho Era

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27" (69 cm.) Of classic Ichimatsu construction, with head, hands and forearms, lower legs and feet of toso wood composite covered overall by a lightly pigmented gofun, with inset glass eyes, silk fiber side locks, large bald pate, chin crease, well-formed hands with nicely delineated fingers, soft padded upper arms, and wearing a (replaced) fine vintage printed silk kimono with fan designs and embroidered kashiwa (oak) crest at the shoulders, secured by a silk brocade obi, red shibori dyed inner kimono with blue collar and red tabi socks with padded bottom. Taisho Era, early 1900s, maker unsigned. His style is reflective of earlier aesthetics with larger gingko-nut-shaped eyes and completely shaved pate more common to examples from the late Edo and Meiji Eras.
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