All-Bisque Mignonette and Trousseau

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A wooden-framed box with decorative paper covers and engraving on the lid, hinges open to reveal all-bisque doll and well-fitted original contents. The doll has bisque swivel head on kid- edged bisque torso, brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, open mouth, four tiny teeth, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, painted high black stockings and brown one-strap shoes. CONDITION: Generally excellent. MARKS: 890 3. COMMENTS: Simon and Halbig doll, for the French market, circa 1890. VALUE POINTS: The doll wears original muslin-lined ivory silk satin dress, bonnet, muslin undergarments, and is arranged in her presentation box lined with rose silk papers, gilt edging and rose silk ribbons, along with five additional dresses, undergarments, bonnets, hankie, and various accessories.
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