An All Original Cloth Character Doll for the French Market in Original Costume

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18" (46 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and painted facial features and hair,short blonde sculpted curls,blue painted upper glancing eyes,red and black upper eye shadow,lightly tinted brows,upturned nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with defined teeth,blushed cheeks,chin and ear lobes,muslin body with stitch-jointed shoulders,disc-jointed legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: maker unknown,circa 1915. Value Points: superb artistry of the mystery doll that is in perfectly preserved condition,wearing folklore costume of Alsace including embroidered vest,coiffe with French colors and rosette,and contained in original box bearing the label of Au Nain Bleu,the luxury Parisian doll store from which it was sold.
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