All-Original French Boxed Set"Blanchisserie de Ma Poupee

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19" (48 cm.) x 13". 8" doll. A light-wooden box with red paper cover has gilt-lettered paper label"Blanchisserie de ma Poupee" (my doll's laundry room),and hinges open to well-fitted interior centered by a bisque doll with glass eyes,slightly-parted lips,tiny teeth,blonde hair,five-piece paper mache body with painted shoes,original striped cotton housekeeper's costume. She is posed along with various pieces of crisply ironed linens,and in the base of the box are various laundry room objects: five wooden tubs of various sizes,wooden tub supports,ironing boards,scrubbing tools,and cast iron trivets and irons,each still tied into box with original cords. Condition: doll and contents excellent,exterior of box is a bit worn. Comments: for the French market,the melange was from a series of arrangements designed to teach young girls the art of housekeeping,and was offered in French Etrennes catalog from Parisian department stores,circa 1890. Value Points: rare to find set in wonderfully-preserved condition.
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