All-Original French Miniature School Room, Eight Pupils and Teacher

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17" (43 cm.) x 12". 4" and 5" dolls. Preserved in its original cardboard box on a wooden framed platform is a French schoolroom with teacher's podium and desk, two blackboards, and four double desks and benches each with paper instructional booklets. The walls fold flat for storage when not in use, and then unfold to fit into wooden floor slats when the room is being played with, and are decorated with a six-pane window, maps of France and Asia, arithmetic tables, and a wall clock signed Paris. Included are a 5" all-bisque teacher with swivel head, glass eyes, peg-jointed arms and legs, blonde mohair wig and silk dress, along with all-bisque students with swivel heads, painted features, blonde mohair wigs, original cotton dresses, and peg-jointed limbs. French, circa 1890. Superb unplayed with condition, a luxury model of the turn-of-the-century school room as indicated by deluxe quality of dolls.
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