All-Original French Musical Automaton "Little Girl with Kitten and Doll" by Leopold Lambert

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25" (64 cm.) Standing upon a lush velvet covered wooden platform with silk braid and fringe trim,is a bisque-head doll with blue glass paperweight eyes,lushly-painted lashes,brush-stroked brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with richly-shaded lips,pierced ears,brunette human hair wig over cork pate,French carton torso and legs,wire upper arms,bisque forearms. She holds a bisque-head doll in her right hand and a ball-on-string suspends from her left hand. A papier-mache kitten lies in wait on the "carpet" floor. When wound,she turns her head from side-to-side and forward,and then lifts the ball-on-string up and down to tease the kitten; the kitten paws tentatively at the ball,then pauses and then leaps to the ball in a realistic manner. Music plays throughout. Condition: generally excellent,music and mechanism function well. Marks: Depose Tete Jumeau 7 (and artist checkmarks,head) L.B. (head). Comments: Leopold Lambert,circa 1890,the larger size,quality music box,and complicated synchronized movements indicate the luxury nature of this automaton by his firm. Value Points: superb automaton,with well-preserved original luxury costume from the couturier atelier of Lambert's wife,Eugenie,and with delightful movements and music.
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