All-Original French Musical Automaton "Saucy Jester with Guitar" by Leopold Lambert

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20" (51 cm.) Seated upon a wooden stool upon a velvet-covered wooden platform is a paper-mache-headed clown having blue glass eyes, painted white clown complexion with fanciful painted clown decorations, open mouth with movable tongue, bi-color fleecy mohair wig, carton torso, hinged carton legs, bisque forearms, wearing original silk costume and cap, and holding a wooden decorated guitar. When wound, his head turns and nods realistically, he lifts the mandolin with his left hand and strums with his right; periodically he taps his right foot to the music, and then his left foot, then bends forward at the waist, and saucily sticks out his tongue; all the while two tunes play. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: L.B. Comments: Leopold Lambert, circa 1890, featured in the Lambert catalog as "Clown à La Guitare". Value Points: the delightfully amusing clown is all original, his musical skills enlivened by sticking out tongue in a smart-alecky way and enhanced by fine quality of music. Ex-collection Mary Merritt Museum.
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