American Blonde Ponytail Barbie, #1, with Original Stand and Early Costumes

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11" (28 cm.) All hard plastic with heart-shaped face, painted side-glancing eyes with outlined irises and thick dark eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow, V-shaped eyebrows, closed mouth, bright red lips and nails, blonde ponytail, soft curly bangs, jointing at shoulders and hips, holes in feet for posing. Condition: near mint, very light fading of torso. Marks: Barbie Pats. Pend c. MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc (torso) Japan (right foot). Comments: Barbie, Mattel, their #1 issue of Barbie, 1958/58. Value Points: most sought-after model of Barbie in well-preserved condition; also included is her original two-prong stand marked Japan and Mattel International, gold hoop earrings, and three original shoes with holes to accommodate the stand along with the following early costumes: Apple Print Sheath, Resort Set #963 (missing bracelet), Floral Petticoat #921 (panties missing), Cotton Casual #912, Evening Splendor #961 (missing sheath, pearls and earrings), Barbie-Q #962, Suburban Shopper #969 (necklace missing), Winter Holiday #975, Picnic Set #967. The doll is being sold from the original family owner.
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