American Child Doll by Mary Hoyer with Trunk and Trousseau, Catalogs and Documents

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14" (36 cm.) All hard plastic, socket head, dark blue sleep eyes, lashes, dark eye shadow, closed mouth, blonde wig, five-piece body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (raised circle at back torso). Comments: Mary Hoyer, 1950s. Value Points: the doll is preserved in original Mary Hoyer trunk with a number of original commercial (one with Hoyer label) and hand-knit costumes, accessories, and with six original catalogs, and two original brochures advertising this particular trunk described as "custom-built wardrobe trunk", one brochure with a penciled note on the back cover noting "We are preparing to distribute a Boy Doll in July. Perhaps if you write us again we would have it for your Bazaar...".
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