American Cloth Doll Known as "Missionary Rag Baby" by Julia Beecher

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24" (61 cm.) Softly-stuffed stockinette baby, stitch-shaped eye sockets, nose and mouth, center chin seam, painted facial features, brown eyes, all-around lashes, defined nostrils, philtrum and lips, blonde yarn stitched-on tight curls, very plump body with stitch jointing at shoulders, hips and knees, defined fingers and toes, antique baby gown and bonnet (likely original). Condition: generally excellent, some wear to outer layer of stockinette at fingers and toes. Comments: attributed to Julia Beecher, of Elmira, New York, circa 1890, made in the sewing circle of the Elmira, New York, Congregational Church 1893 to 1910, with proceeds donated to missionary groups, thus earning the dolls the name of Missionary Rag Babies. Value Points: rare early American cloth doll is well preserved and with great presence.
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