American Cloth Portrait Doll of George Washington in Original Costume by Martha Chase

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25" (64 cm.) All-cloth doll depicting George Washington, pressed and oil-painted facial features, blue painted narrow eyes with heavy eyelids, single-stroke brows, aquiline nose, closed mouth with strong lips and jaw, impasto thickly painted white hair that forms into a ponytail at the nape, cotton sateen body cover, stitch-jointed arms and legs, oil-painted hands and feet with defined fingers and toes, wearing factory-original blue and gold silk suit with lace jabot and cuffs, black stockings, shoes, tri-corn hat. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Chase doll (with logo image on leg).The Chase Stockinet Doll Made of Stockinet and Cloth... (original paper label on back). Comments: Martha Chase, late 19th century, the model may have been inspired by the centennial celebration of Washington's 1789 inauguration. Value Points: very rare doll with distinctive portrait sculpting that perfectly captures Washington's person, with most artistic painting of complexion, features and hair, fine original painting, original (restored) costume, and with three blue ribbon awards.
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