American Coin-Operated "Regina Corona" Music Box with 61 Original Discs

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68" (173 cm.) h. x 25"w. c 21"d. The fine oak cabinet with detailed carving is designed to hold a selection of up to twelve 15 1/2" musical discs in a movable carriage. By turning the dial at the right side of the cabinet, a user can select a favorite tune, and after inserting a 5 cent piece, the disc raises from the storage rack and plays. After the tune is played, the disc returns to its slot in storage rack below. The clear glass front door allowed the public to watch the amazing clockwork mechanism while the performance took place. This particular Regina model features the acoustically advantageous piano sounding board. There is a hidden coin drawer which also kept safe the original winding crank. The cabinet rests on four cast iron cabriole legs. Excellent condition, working and sounding very well. Included are an impressive array of 61 original 15 1/2" Regina music discs. American, Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey, circa 1900, the model is often known as "the first jukebox".
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