American Composition Celebrity Doll, Jackie Coogan, by Horsman

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13" (33 cm.) Composition shoulder head with painted facial features, side-glancing brown eyes, curly upper lashes, single-stroke brows, closed mouth, short bobbed hair wig, muslin torso and disc-jointed legs, composition jointed arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: E.I.H. c. 1920 (doll) Jackie Coogan Kid Licensed by Jackie Coogan Patent Pending (costume). Comments: Horsman, portrait doll of the child celebrity film star known popularly as "The Kid", based upon his appearance in the 1921 Charlie Chaplin film of that name. The head was modeled for this Horsman licensed doll by Helen Trowbridge. Value Points: fine condition with flawless complexion and hair, wearing original turtleneck sweater, striped pants, shoes, and plaid cap, and with button "Horsman's Jackie Coogan Kid". 
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