American Composition "Charlie McCarthy" by Effanbee with Original Box

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19" (48 cm.) Composition shoulder head of the popular culture puppet, with sculpted brown hair with sideburns, painted facial features, brown eyes with brown eyelashes, fringed brows, red eyeliner, rounded nose, hinged jaw which opens and closes from pull-string at the back of the head, painted lips and white teeth, cloth stitch-jointed body, composition hands with sculpted gloves, composition sculpted shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Effanbee, circa 1935, portrait of Charlie McCarthy, the celebrated puppet of Edgar Bergen. Value Points: flawless original condition of composition and painting, near-mint original tuxedo, shirt, vest, bow tie, top hat and monocle, and presented in original labeled box, with 1938 book "A Day with Charlie McCarthy". 
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