American Composition "Mike" from Gene Carr Series by Horsman

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14" (36 cm.) Composition head with flanged neck,sculpted short boyish red hair in rough tousled style,stuck-out ears,painted wide googly-shaped side-glancing blue eyes,button-shaped nose,wide beaming smile with two sculpted upper teeth flanking a "missing tooth" gap,muslin body,composition limbs,original simple cotton suit and vest,brimmed red hat,flannel shoes. Condition: generally excellent,costume dusty. Comments: five kids from the comic strip series,Lady Bountiful,by Gene Carr were created in doll form by the E.I. Horsman firm,advertised in Playthings in 1915,this model being Mike. The dolls were sculpted by Bernard Lipfert. Rare-to- find doll with delicious expression,well-preserved original condition.
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