American Disc Music Box by Regina with Base Cabinet with 24 Original Discs

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44" (112 cm.) h. x 32"w. x 24"d. The mahogany-cased table model music box is designed with turned corner columns and matching disc storage cabinet with double door front and slide-out disc storage shelf at the right side (storage cabinet is lacking lower door lock and few interior divider panels). The music box, style number 28, has a full bedplate, double comb mechanism, winding crank and 24 very good original 20 3/4" diameter discs. It bears the serial number of 31989 indicating 1899 as the bear of production. Included is a matching disc storage cabinet which allows the music box to become self-standing. The music box is in excellent original condition with strong sound, lacking one tooth on upper comb. Regina, Rahway New Jersey, 1899, the storage cabinet is very rare to find and highly sought
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