American Half-Rolly-Dolly Set of Buster Brown and Tige by Schoenhut

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11" (28 cm.) overall. All-wooden doll with sculpted hair in bobbed fashion, painted facial features, blue eyes, smiling expression, jointing at shoulders and hips, painted Buster Brown style suit with original paper collar, painted white socks and black shoes, is posed on weighted paper mache base with painted decoration, alongside a wooden glass-eyed bulldog with ball-swivel head, painted whiskers, leather ears, red leather collar, original tail. Very good condition, retouch on face and base. American, Schoenhut, circa 1910, the classic American schoolboy, Buster Brown, is depicted, alongside his faithful dog Tige; Buster carries a miniature muslin shoe bag with advertising for Buster Brown shoes, suggesting its origin as a promotional piece.
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