American Hand-Sculpted Papier-Mache Black Character Baby,Possibly by Leo Moss

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26" (66 cm.) Hand-sculpted papier-mache of plump-faced child with rich dark brown complexion,deeply-set eye sockets with red lower edging,brown glass inset eyes,black painting brows and upper eyeliner,broad nose with upturned tip,very full lips of closed mouth,sculpted ears,black mohair wig over solid dome pate,stiffened brown muslin body with brown-painted composition lower arms and legs,wearing antique cotton pinafore dress,blouse,homespun cape with green soutache trim,undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: American,circa 1920,possibly Leo Moss of Macon,Georgia,a handyman by trade,whose folk dolls were created from the scraps of paper scraped from walls and made into a thick mache,then colored with boot dye,soot,or stove blacking as their base color. Value Points: wonderful and extremely rare American folk doll,with well-detailed characterization,original finish,in rare larger size; few examples of the Leo Moss dolls are known to exist.
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