American Mechanical Toy "Autoperipatetikous" with Lustre-Snood Bisque Head

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10" (25 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with slender oval face,sculpted blonde hair waved away from face and captured by a painted green snood with purple lustre trim,painted dark blue eyes,black upper eyeliner,aquiline nose,closed mouth,on gown-shaped carton torso,brass feet,kid arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Patented July 15th,1862,also in Europe 20 Dec. 1862. Comments: the toy,named Autoperitpatetikous,was patented by Enoch Rice Morrison in 1862,being offered with a variety of different doll heads in china,bisque and fabric base,the significant factor being an appropriate size for the single-size body. When wound,the double-cut brass legs moved up and down as though walking. Value Points: very beautiful rarely-found bisque head for this model,the doll wears original costume with lace trim.
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