American Porcelain Portrait Doll of King Henry VIII by Martha Thompson

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14" (36 cm.) Sculpted porcelain shoulderhead with strongly chiseled features depicting the British king, have elaborately sculpted porcelain headwear with elaborate feathers, small brown painted eyes, thick bushy brows, sculpted and painted moustache and beard, closed mouth, cloth body with porcelain sculpted lower arms and legs, original silk and velvet jeweled costume created by couturier Martha Yeske for Martha Thompson. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Martha Thompson, esteemed charter member of the NIADA, whose work was always created one-by-one, circa 1955. Value Points: superb portrait including not only the sculpted hair but also detailed porcelain limbs with four finger rings, painted blue garter and gilt painted shoes. The collection of Martha Thompson dolls in this auction have been in the collection of one owner for nearly 60 years, acquired directly from Connecticut couturier, Martha Yeske, who formed a relationship with Martha Thompson in the mid-1950s, and was commissioned to create costumes for the Thompson dolls. Several vintage articles about their relationship are included with the doll.  
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