American Red-Haired "Blythe" by Kenner with Rare Eye Mechanism

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11" (28 cm.) Over-size hard plastic head with unique modeling including tiny chin and dramatically large eye sockets, tiny nose, pertly-shaped closed mouth, original red wig rooted to wig cap, five-piece jointed body, original cotton flowered dress. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Kenner (seven lines of markings). Comments: Kenner, 1972, the doll was made for one year only, from designs by Allison Katzman and made by Kenner. Value Points: very rare pop culture doll with changeable eyes which transform when pull-string at back is pulled. The eye colors change from "groovy green" to "bouncy brown" to "beautiful blue" and to "pretty purple", according to Kenner ads.
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