American Show Wagon with Performers from Humpty Dumpty Circus, Schoenhut

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20" (51 cm.) Two dappled wooden horses with glass eyes are posed upon a wooden wheeled platform, and are pulling a wooden show wagon with flat-top stage upon which are posed three side-show performers and the wagon driver. The wagon, with original red painted and gilt decorations, is embossed Humpty Dumpty Circus along with raised designs of a chariot and man on horse. The detachable performers include Foxy Grandpa, Jockey and Baby, each with distinctively-modeled face, hand-painted facial features and hair or cap. Condition: generally excellent, original finish overall is well-preserved with few paint rubs on Baby hair. Comments: Schoenhut, the Show Wagon from Humpty Dumpty's Circus, circa 1909. Value Points: considered a highlight of the Schoenhut circus creations, few complete sets are known to exist, especially in this remarkable state of original preservation.
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