American Wooden Humpty Dumpty Circus, Very Rare Tightrope Tent by Schoenhut

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35" (89 cm.) x 24" platform. The wooden-framed platform supports original tent with back center curtains, decorated with 21 original flags, and features an integrally-attached metal acrobatic tightrope. Performing in the circus are seven people, each with two-part head, including two clowns, acrobat, Chinaman acrobat, two black Dudes, and hobo, each in original costumes. Animals include the following glass-eyed animals: polar bear, elephant with original blanket, white performing horse, leopard with ball neck, and poodle with cloth mane; and painted eye animals include giraffe, tiger, and brown bear. Also included is a rare teeter-totter, balancing stand, and 12 other various accessories. Condition: very good overall. Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1910. Value Points: a wonderful Humpty Dumpty Circus with very rare tent, and wonderful selection of performers and animals
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