Announcing Madame Alexander: The Judith Merrill Collection - Saturday, April 9, 2022


April 9, 2022 —
Marquis Antique Doll Auction.

Collectors refer to these as dolls from “the Golden Years”. For Judith Spencer Merrill the dolls are more personal.

She still calls her dolls “The Girls” as she relates even now how Alexander dolls “brought tears of joy to my eyes from our first meeting at Macy’s window in 1954 when I was a young girl”. It was from that time forward that Judith sought to find and preserve these dolls which, once considered modern, have passed into the realm of vintage, and now are seven decades into life. Her collection is remarkable, focusing significantly on the child doll, Wendy-Kins, but also encompassing the beloved Cissy doll, Elise, Lissy and even rare historical portrait dolls from the series known as “mystery”. More than 300 dolls are included in the auction, of which a sample is shown here.

The Madame Alexander Judith Spencer Merrill Collection will be presented in a one day auction, on Saturday, April 9 in a virtual live video/audio auction to which all are invited. Internet bidding (both pre-bidding and live) is available throughout the auction, as well as traditional absentee bids and live telephone bidding.


A gorgeous 224 page full color catalog of the collection written by Florence Theriault is available for $49 including priority shipping and after-auction prices. Shipping is free, and the books are sent priority mail. And after the auction you will receive prices realized to keep with the book forever. To order click here, email info@theriaults.com, or call 410-224-3655.



The auction begins at 11AM Eastern.. We welcome absentee bidding, live telephone bidding, and live bidding on the internet. Too, you can “tune-in” to the online auction and watch and listen to the entire event. Questions? Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the bidding option that is best for you.

Auction Information
The auction will take place at the Theriault's Studio in Annapolis, Maryland. For auction information call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 M-F 9AM-5PM EST or go online to theriaults.com.
Our New Service
Face2Live is Theriault’s new service that allows you to schedule an appointment to view on live video feed close-ups of a few dolls you are most interested in. Simply click the handy button on the side of the bottom left of the page. From there you will be connected to one of our staff on video chat (you do not have to be on video yourself) who can either get the doll you are interested in right then or schedule an appointment with you later. A great way to get a close up look of features and face in a live private video session. M-F 9AM-4PM.

How To Bid. Choose the dolls that "speak" to you, and have the fun! You can bid absentee, bid live on the telephone, or bid live on the internet. For more information, please contact us at 410-224-3655 or email us at info@theriaults.com.