Automaton "The Barrister" by Phalibois with Original Label

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30" (76 cm.) Arranged upon a velvet covered base is a paper mache figure of a man with very expressive strong facial features,mohair wig and sideburns,brown glass eyes with leather eyelids that open and close,hinged jaw that allows the closed mouth to open and close,revealing a double row of teeth and tongue tip,paper mache body with metal lever upper arms and paper mache lower arms,wearing the black robe of a barrister with cap and metal spectacles,and standing behind a wooden lectern with paper cover to simulate wood. When wound,music plays and a very intricate series of movements occur: the barrister opens and closes his eyes,opens and closes his mouth in a very vigorous manner,rolls his head,periodically looks at the notes in his left hand,and pounds the table with his right hand,while several musical tunes play. Lying on the table is a leather notebook with miniature replicated deposes for various automaton models. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Phalibois,circa 1900,the model was presented as "The Barrister",and was registered by the firm,having original silver label at front base "J.P. Brevete Paris". Value Points: wonderful occupational automaton with amusing presentation enlivened by very complicated and intricate movements.
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