Automaton "Lady with Fan and Flowers" by Theroude,Possibly Exhibition Model

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27" (69 cm.) A bisque-head lady with very pale complexion,oval slender face,cobalt blue glass eyes,dark eyeliner,painted lashes and lightly-feathered brows,aquiline nose with accented nostrils,closed mouth with beautifully-shaped outlined lips,unpierced ears,pale blonde mohair wig with original ringlet curls over cork pate,matching bisque shoulder plate,shapely carton torso and legs in standing pose,wire upper arms,metal hands. The lady stands upon a tinplate three-wheeled base. When wound,the lady turns her head side to side,and glides in an elegant manner,while periodically lifting her nosegay for a scent of flowers. Condition: tiny eye rim flake and flake at low neck socket,the shoulderplate has a hairline at the front under the costume. Mechanism functions well. Marks: A. Theroude Paris. Comments: Alexandre Theroude,circa 1860,the grand lady may have been exhibited at the International Exposition of London in 1862 where Theroude is known to have exhibited to the praise of the jury who noted that his display showed "incontestable superiority". Value Points: the exceptional size of the splendid automaton as well as its outstanding beauty and quality of production indicate its probable original purpose as an Exhibition model,the lady wears her original frail blue silk gown with black lace trim,carved bone fan with gilded highlights,black silk satin bonnet with silk flowers to match her nosegay,hooped petticoat,stockings,tacked-on leather shoes,and a superb six-strand pearl necklace with matching coronet.
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