A Basket of Bye-Lo Babies, A Study in Variation

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8-12" (30 cm.) Six Bye-Lo babies, each with solid domed head with flanged neck, five with glass eyes and one with painted eyes, tinted baby hair, closed mouth with wide center line, softly-stuffed muslin body, celluloid hands, and wearing antique costume. Condition: generally excellent, celluloid model has crack at side of head. Marks: copyr. by Grace S, Putnam Made in Germany. Comments: the infant baby designed by American artist, Grace Putnam, mid-1920s, the beloved doll was presented in a number of variations of material, included here, bisque, composition, celluloid, biskoloid, and the very rare wax. Value Points: a very rare collection includes a pair of brown and blue-eyed babies, and each of the dolls wears its original Bye-lo Baby celluloid pin.
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