Beautiful Early French Bisque Poupee with Maker's Stamp on Body

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14" (36 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate,very pale complexion,blue enamel inset eyes,dark eyeliner,painted lashes,lightly-feathered brows,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth with accent line between the lips,un-pierced ears,blonde mohair wig over cork pate,French kid gusset-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent,arms a tad worn at wrists and fingers. Marks: (illegible green maker or shop stamp on back torso). Comments: French,circa 1865. Value Points: especially pleasing pale complexion contrasts her painted features,beautiful antique mauve taffeta gown with exquisite lace collar and cuffs,undergarments,leather boots,woven bonnet.
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