Beautiful French Bisque Bebe by Joanny with Rare Bisque Lower Arms

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21" (53 cm.) Bisque socket head with very plump cheeks, brown glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner encircles the eye sockets, painted lashes, mauve-blushed eye shadow, brushstroked and feathered brows, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with defined space between the shaded and outlined lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, French composition and wooden fully jointed body with bisque to the elbows, attached bisque ball-joints at elbows. Condition: generally excellent, original body finish. Marks: 9 J (head). Comments: Joanny, circa 1885, the small studio workshops of Joseph Louis Joanny created luxury bebes in very limited numbers; there appears to be only one facial model and it is very distinct from any other bebes of that era. Value Points: rare bebe with captivating expression, finest bisque and painting, rare body with bisque arms, lovely antique costume.
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