Beautiful French Bisque Blue-Eyed Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru with Signed Bru Shoes

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14" (36 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate with modeled bosom and shoulderblades, blue glass spiral-threaded eyes with darker blue outer pupils, accented nostrils, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, mauve-blushed eyeshadow, closed mouth with little defined space between the shaded outlined lips, pierced ears, brunette mohair wig over cork pate, kid bebe body with gusset-jointing at hips and knees, bisque forearms with separately-sculpted fingers. Condition: generally excellent, small chip at left pierced ear hole, body especially sturdy. Marks: (circle dot) 3. Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1882, his bebe model known as "circle dot" in reference to the head symbol. Value Points: splendid eyes accentuate most expressive modeling, choice bisque and painting, very sturdy original body and perfect bisque hands, original leather shoes signed "B" in oval and "3".
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