Beautiful French Bisque Poupee by Barrois with Rare Body Style and Couturier Costume

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18" (46 cm.) Bisque swivel head with flat-cut neck socket on matching bisque shoulderplate, very plump face, brilliant cobalt blue inset eyes, dark eyeliner, delicately painted lashes and brows, closed mouth with accent line between the primly set lips, unpierced ears, pale lambswool wig over cork pate, firmly-stuffed kid body, kid-over-wood upper arms, bisque forearms, and hands, gusset-jointing at hips, wooden ball-jointing at knees. Condition: generally excellent, some professional restoration on fingers, body especially clean and sturdy. Comments: Eugene Barrois, circa 1860, with distinctive neck construction allowing the head to realistically pivot 90 degrees only; hidden notches inside the neck created this wall. Value Points: rare early poupee with articulated neck, original body, dramatic eyes contrasting the delicate complexion, wearing outstanding couturier demi-season ensemble presented in the March 1870 of La Poupee Modele, created by Louise Hedrick of antique fabrics comprising green wool jacket with pagoda sleeves over plaid silk taffeta skirt embellished with velvet ribbon and antique silk fringe, black velvet hat, undergarments including hoop, and high laced black kidskin boots. From the private collection of Louise Hedrick.
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