Beautiful French Music Box from Au Paradis des Enf

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16" x 16". A wooden music box in beautiful carved wooden frame with bronze mounts and wooden handle is inscribed "Ariston" on the side. The top has an exquisite color lithograph of 20 different cherubs making music, dancing or partying. Included with the music box are 43 original cardboard discs of music popular at the turn of the century, including Strauss waltzes, polkas, Strauss La Vie Parisienne Quadrille, Fortunio's Lied by Offenbach, La Grande-Duchesse Quadrille by Arban and Soiree d'ete Waltz by Waldteufel; each disc is labelled Ehrlich's Patent, Bte SGDG, and many have an original store label from Au Paradis des Enfants. An index of all available music is included along with the mention that the Ariston is the latest novelty and has 24 levels of harmony. Instructions in five languages are included. The music box and discs are perfectly preserved, and appear to have never been used. The music box also bears the original label of the luxury Paris toy store Au Paradis des Enfants. Circa 1900.
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