Beautiful Pair of Sonneberg Bisque Sister Dolls, Model 153, by Kling

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17" (43 cm.) Each has bisque shoulderhead with sculpted short light brown hair forming into forelock curls, glass inset eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with defined teeth between the outlined lips, kid gusset-jointed body. Condition: blue-eyed doll is excellent overall, brown-eyed sister has three-piece reglue on shoulderplate under costume. Marks: 153 8. Comments: C.F. Kling, circa 1880. Value Points: the beautiful matched sister dolls, one brown-eyed, one blue-eyed, are wearing identical antique costumes in the French model including aqua and ivory silk dress with matching bonnet, undergarments, and brown kidskin shoes.
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