Beautiful Petite German Bisque Doll with Brown Sculpted Hair and Glass Eyes

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11" (28 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate, sculpted darkest brown very full hair brushed from face and behind her sculpted ears, cobalt blue glass inset eyes, dark upper eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower limbs, painted black ankle boots. Condition: generally excellent, tiny chip at back bottom corner of shoulderplate. Marks: 10 (arms and legs). Comments: Germany, Simon and Halbig, circa 1875. Value Points: beautiful doll with wonderful antique costume, her rarity factors include dark brown hair color, swivel neck, and cobalt blue glass eyes.
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