Bisque Bebe Gigoteur by Jules Steiner for Au Nain Bleu,with Trunk and Trousseau

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18" (46 cm.) Solid domed bisque head,blue glass paperweight inset eyes,lushly painted lashes and brows,accented eye corners and nostrils,open mouth,accented lips,two rows of porcelain teeth,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig,carton torso containing clockwork mechanism,kid covered hinged upper legs,composition arms and lower legs,typical Steiner painted finger nails. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions well. Marks: Le Petit Parisien Bebe Steiner Medaille d'Or Paris 1889 (torso) Au Nain Bleu E. Chauviere Boul des Capucines 27 Paris (paper label on torso). Comments: Bebe Gigoteur,by Jules Steiner,created under commission for the luxury Parisian doll store of Au Nain Bleu. Value Points: in pristine unplayed with condition,the doll wears her original muslin chemise,pantalets,shoes and blue stockings,and is preserved with her original trunk labeled "Au Nain Bleu",along with original blue silk dress and matching bonnet,two white dresses,cashmere woolen cape coat,silk coat,night shift,blue silk parasol,and blue beaded necklace.
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