Bisque Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru, Signed Shoes and Au Nain Bleu Dress

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18" (46 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate with defined bosom and shoulderblades, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, brushstroked and feathered brows, mauve-blushed eyeshadow, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, closed mouth with defined space between the outlined lips, pierced ears, blushed cheeks and chin, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, French kid bebe body with gusset-jointing at hips and knees, bisque forearms with separately-sculpted fingers. Condition: generally excellent, near mint body with few patches at joints. Marks: (circle dot symbol) Bte SGDG (forehead). Comments: Leon Casimir Bru, circa 1880. Value Points: splendid eyes enhanced by softly-blushed cheeks and eye shadow, perfect bisque hands, with (very frail) original silk dress with Au Nain Bleu label and leather shoes (one buckle missing) signed "Bru Jne Paris".
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