Brunette Cissy from "Models Her Formal Gown" Series, 1957, Alexander

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20" (51 cm.) Hard plastic socket head,blue sleep eyes,lashes,brunette hair waved away from face into clusters of curls at her crown and nape,nine-piece adult lady body. She is wearing a dotted Swiss white tulle gown over pale pink organdy underskirt,with lace trim,rose satin waist sash with blue velvet floral trim that is repeated on her skirt,double-brimmed bonnet with blue velvet and rose petal flowers,stiff nylon petticoat,panties,stockings,silver and gold sling heels,pearl necklace,sparkly bracelet,rhinestone earrings and large solitaire ring. The costume is tagged "Cissy",Excellent condition,very beautiful complexion,perfect coiffure,lovely and complete costume. Alexander,model 2160,from the 1957 series "Cissy Models Her Formal Gowns",described as a "charming dress" with the comment "Cissy must be engaged for she wears a sparkling solitaire with matching earrings".
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