Brunette Portrait with Jacqueline Face as Ice Capade Doll. C. 1968

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20" (51 cm.) Rigid vinyl socket head and arms, hard plastic lady torso and legs, bendable knees, brunette rooted hair with bangs, long curls and crown curls which are captured by costume crown. Wearing custom costume created for the doll in the Ice Capade studios representing a performance in that year's show, including fitted green skating costume with green black bead and iridescent beading, feather-trimmed hooped short shirt, matching beaded crown, purple skates. Very good condition, light spotting on bodice under costume. Alexander, in conjunction with Ice Capades, circa 1968, the presentation dolls were displayed in showcase fashion as promotion for the extravaganza, and it is believed that very few, perhaps only one, of each model was made.
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