Carved Wooden Doll in Original Schwaben Costume with Hand-Painted Wooden Base

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14" (36 cm.) doll. 18" including coiffe and base. Carved wooden head with sculpted brown hair pulled away from her face and captured in a small chignon at the back of her head,painted brown eyes in well-defined sockets,brown eye shadow,strong nose,closed mouth with nicely- shaped lips,armature cloth-padded torso and upper limbs,wax hands,wooden lower feet. Condition: very good,complexion a bit darkened,wax hands very worn. Comments: Germany,early 19th century,costumed in the traditional garb of the Schwaben region of Germany in Bavaria. Value Points: the doll wears her original very elaborate folklore costume with superb coiffe and matching laced vest,silk blouse,skirt and apron,and posed upon her original carved wooden base decorated with painted flowers and the lettering "Schwaben".
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