A Charming German Bisque Googly,221,by Kestner

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13" (33 cm.) Bisque socket head with rounded facial modeling,large brown glass side-glancing googly eyes,dark eyeliner,lightly feathered brows,angled brows with ochre-shading,accented nostrils of button nose,closed mouth with shaded lips in smiling expression,blonde mohair wig over plaster pate,composition and wooden ball-jointed toddler body with side-hip jointing,well costumed. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: F made in Germany 10 JDK 221 Ges Gesch. Comments: Kestner,circa 1912,the model was inspired by the composition-bodied Kewpie also made by Kestner at this time. Value Points: most endearing of the googlies with gentle yet mischievous expression,choice bisque,original body and body finish.
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